Welcome to the Governors section of Heanor Gate Science College, we do hope that you enjoy browsing through our website and learning more about us.


In this section you will find out more about who we are and the work of the Local Governing Body at our School. It's important to understand what it is the Governors of our school do and the simplest way to describe is taken from the Department for Education's Governance Handbook:


The core functions of a Governing Body are:


The Handbook was last updated in January 2017.


In addition, we:

  • Provide a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework.
  • Appoint and conduct the performance management of the Principal.
  • Agree the school's improvement strategy, which includes setting statutory targets with supporting budges and staffing structures.
  • Monitor and evaluate the work of the school by reviewing the performance of the Principal, the effectiveness of the policy framework, progress towards targets and the effectiveness of the school improvement strategy.
  • Sign off the self-evaluation process and respond to Ofsted reports as necessary.

 During the Spring Term 2018, we focused on:

  • Our statutory duties and strategic planning including progress against school priorities; reviewing admission arrangements, policies and Governor school visits/monitoring;
  • Tracking the progress being made of all our students in terms of our expectations and targets, across all the year groups and with different groups of pupils;
  • The school's processes for reviewing the safety, behaviour and personal development of students including attendance;
  • Reviewing Stakeholder views;
  • Starting the planning process for next year's budget looking at the staffing structure needed to develop a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of our students;

During the Autumn Term 2017, we focused on:

  • Our statutory duties and strategic planning for the forthcoming year including elections, reviewing terms of reference and confirming our monitoring framework;
  • 2017 Performance Information/Data – looking at how our students did compared to national expectations.
  • The school's strategy for the use of the forthcoming Pupil Premium, Year 7 Catch Up Funding and Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND) Funding that the school receives;
  • Approval of the School Improvement Plan – ensuring our strategic direction and school priorities are accurate and reflect data and stakeholder views.
  • Ensuring that performance management and appraisals were conducted for all staff.
  • Reviewing the finances for the school
  • Reviewing safeguarding arrangements.

We discussed a range of other ongoing themes such as Health & Safety, Policies and determining our role in external reviews such as Challenge Partners.


Chairs Development

Our Chair meets with other Chairs in The Spencer Academies Trust and provides a feedback report to the Directors of the Trust on the work of the LGB, including celebrations and challenges. This network provides the opportunity to find out what's new and what the expectations are on Governors going forward – both from the Trust, Government and Ofsted. The Chair has also undergone the Leadership Development Programme for Chairs. This also provides an opportunity for our Chair to network, learn and share with others across the region.


We will be working with the Trust to review the latest information published on governance:

  • The Department for Education's Draft 'A Competency Framework for Governance - the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for effective governance' to ensure that we are a truly effective Local Governing Body. We will look at this when conducting our own self-evaluation process of the governors.
  • Ofsted's 'Improving Governance - governance arrangements in complex and challenging circumstances', December 2016 - to look at the key findings and ensure that we are learning from best practice and preparing ourselves for the future.

Governor Training

Since September 2016, Governors have completed training or updates on:

  • Safeguarding / FGM / Prevent / Safer recruitment
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) – to keep abreast of latest legislation
  • Induction - Effective Governance - which is an induction/refresher on the role of school governor;
  • Inspection Dashboard - how to interpret the performance data
  • Preparing for an external review/inspection.
  • Conducting a School Visit.
  • Health & Safety – the role of Governors.

Governor Membership

The Trust has supported our school with memberships to the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association (FASNA) networks to ensure that we are as up-to-date as possible with any changes in policy and/or legislation in school governance.

New Governors

  • Winter Term 2017 - we welcomed a new Staff Governor: Georgina Wharton
  • Spring Term 2017 - we welcomed new Parent Governors: Ian Miller and Gemma Petrie
  • Autumn Term 2016 - we welcome new Governors: Rebecca Baker (Staff) and Sarah Ray (Community)


In September 2016 – we welcomed Kylie Burbage as our new Clerk to Governors. Our Clerk also attends the Trust's Clerks briefings and has access to a network of support through the Trust.

Clerking Competency Framework

Introduced in April 2017 the new Clerking Competency Framework outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to provide a professional Clerking service to the Governors.

Four competency areas covered in the new Framework are:

  • Understanding Governance
  • Administration
  • Advice and Guidance
  • People and Relationships

The new Framework recognizes the value of professional quality clerks and realises they are critical to the effectiveness of a governing board in fulfilling its core strategic functions.


To read the full framework, please click here.



Please see list below of our Governors:


Rebecca Baker
Staff Governor
Oct 2016 - Sep 2020
Wayne Judson
Community Governor
Sep 2017 - Sep 2021
Georgina Wharton
Staff Governor

Nov 2017 - Nov 2021
Ian Miller
Parent Governor
Jan 2017 - Jan 2021


For details about our Chair & Vice-Chair of Governors - please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

Below you can download information about our Local Governing Body and the Trust's Schedule of Delegation:


Further information about the Trust's governance arrangements can be found on the Spencer Academies Trust website here.


If you would like to correspond with our Chair of Governors, contact can be made by email at